Tax, corporate, charities and trust law for Canadian and international businesses

Helena Plecko Law is a trusted advisor to businesses carrying on their activities in Canada and abroad. We offer smart and efficient transactional advice as well as strategic counsel services in four main areas of the law: taxation, corporate, charities and trust law.

Back to Basics

Why? Because we understand the unique challenges faced by business owners in an ever evolving Canadian and global landscape. Our clients range from tech start-ups to global companies, and we enthusiastically support them by combining cutting edge legal technology with old style lawyering. Legal tech serves us not to increase our profits, but to free up our time to be a truly trusted advisor.

We take the time to listen, we are pragmatic and know how to apply legal judgment in a common sense way. More than that, we believe that we best support clients who mirror our characteristics: they are strong leaders who continually learn and expand their wisdom beyond their business project, they have a deeply rooted social conscience, and they are bold and innovative.

We are located in Port Moody and we love to welcome our clients at our office but the reality is that many of them are nowhere near our location, and that’s just fine. We are experienced in servicing cross-border and inter-jurisdictional clients and solve the time difference issue with a strong cup of coffee.